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April 30th, 2010, 06:55 PM
Hello to all,

I've been using Karmic Koala for a while and then I decided to try Linux Mint Helena, based on the same distro.

There are a couple of things that I am yet to come over. These are:

- I run XBMC in Ubuntu, connecting my Leno to an HD LCD via HDMI. Whenever I connect to my tv I have to manually switch to tv out via Leno's hw shortcut and then go to Nvidia settings to adjust the display resolution AND panning. Each time I connect to my tv I have to go thru all these because Nvidia settings won't let me save the configuration. I'd like to know how I can automate this process like in Windows when I connect the hdmi cable the output automatically switches to LCD.

- Likewise, each time I connect to my tv I have to manually go thru audio settings and select hdmi out. I'd also like to know if there is a way to simplify this. I found a how-to mentioning pulse audio and a script. I did what it said and even configured a shortcut for the script. The script seemed to work, displaying a notice about the switched audio output, but in reality the output stayed the same, at analog out.

- Because XBMC is not compatible with Compiz, I have to go to System>Appearance>Effects and disable Compiz each time I run XBMC. I'd also like to automate this process.

- The touchpad is way too sensitive. I kind of grew accustomed to it but would still like to be able to fine adjust it to my liking. Again I found and followed a how-to, sadly unsuccessfully.

Other than the above little problems I run into in my daily usage of the netbook, Ubuntu seems to run perfect. Though I have been following Ubuntu since v6 or smt, I can't say that I'm an experienced Linux user but I'd be willing to help as much as I can with your problems. I was lucky to have figured out some of the problems I came across like enabling the unrecognized wireless card, renaming my ntfs partitions and making them auto-mount etc.

Thanks and best regards,


p.s.: I certainly used the search function and tried some of the solutions I came across without success.

May 23rd, 2011, 04:14 AM
I have been all over Google's great land and the forums here trying to find a fix for this one little issue I have that drives me nuts in xbmc and your post here seems to be the ONLY one out there that mentions the same issue.

So I have 11.04 running on a desktop, and it is powerful enough that xbmc was installed by default... I instantly loved xbmc as I am a big fan of Windows Media Center in Win7 and had hoped for something similar in Linux.

I immediately turned to my laptop (Dell Inspiron 1300), also running 11.04, and noticed xbmc was not installed by default.

I found a quick how-to and within minutes had xbmc installed and running on my laptop as well. SWEET! Almost.

Only when running xbmc, my touchpad on the laptop is on super-sensitivity mode or something. I cant find ANYWHERE a setting to turn it down without turning it down in Ubuntu globally. If I use an external mouse, the speed is normal everywhere, and everywhere else except xbmc, my touchpad is normal also.

What gives? I see you mentioned that you found a how-to but it didn't work... any new developments on this matter? I would love to be able to control the little bugger without feeling like I am trying to catch it first!

Thanks for any info and for being at least one person out there that has mentioned the same problem so I know I am not going insane or being subliminally altered by xbmc! Haha.