View Full Version : [gnome] how to utilize hotplug for disks instead of hal or devkit?

April 30th, 2010, 06:30 AM
i have an older sony vaio vgn-s580p and devkit and hal disk polling causes my system to slow to a crawl with massive disk grinding.
disabling either hal disk polling or devkit disk polling only makes a small difference. the only way i can run a stable linux desktop is to disable both. puppy linux uses a hotplug system that i think is similar to what ubuntu used around 05.

i used this guide http://maebmij.org/~jim/howto/hotplug.html on installing hotplug and its dependancies, and have all needs satisfied, but it wont start on ubuntu 9.04

i have had this polling problem with fedora 10,11, and 12. also with ubuntu 9.04 and mint 8.

does anyone have experience getting hotplug to run under a newer version of ubuntu? apparently this could be a good work around for the many people i have seen on bug pages who have similar issues.