View Full Version : [kubuntu] Drivers I think.....Help!?!?

April 30th, 2010, 04:02 AM

OS- Kubuntu 10.4

AMD Athlon dual core QL-65
3gb sdram 250gB HDD
dvd super multi with label flash

The machine came with Vista Home Premium SP1..
I placed Windows 7 Ultimate on it. Which lasted, and then failed in two weeks time. A friend of mine, turned me to ubuntu.... I'm now running Kubuntu.


My touch pad does not work , and my FN-KEY FUNCTIONS do not work either, but other than that everything seems functional. SO I assume It's probably drivers since,
I did get them to work in 9.10 Ubuntu but something happen, and the hard drive formated, and well I put ubuntu 9.10, 10, & then 8.10 nothing, which I wanted to try kubuntu because of the visual and I like some of the features better, now my laptop runs great on kubuntu, better then ubunutu, dunno why. BUT I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO AT LEAST HAVE MY TOUCH PAD, THE FUNCTION KEYS I'M NOT TOOOO WORRIED ABOUT. But if I could fix it, that would be nice too..