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April 29th, 2010, 08:31 PM
I'm assuming this is where I would post this, if not I apologize.

I work for a small graphics company, and we're currently in the processing of setting up a server of some sorts. We've been working off multiple NAS drives for awhile now and well they're just not cutting it anymore. They're not meant for the heavy usage we put on them on a day to day usage and we've had a couple of them get so hot they've melted internal parts.

Anywho, I've used Ubuntu from time to time, not a huge user of it. But after doing some research around the net I've seen that a lot of people use it with ease for simple file sharing options. That's really all I need, maybe it has some added benefits that I'll discover later but if it'll be great for what I need then great.

So I'm just asking you guys, do you think Ubuntu would work out for what I need? I don't know the specs on the server we're setting up as of yet but I'll know soon.

Main reason for choosing Ubuntu is also because of it being free and most other server OS's being quite expensive or just above our budget.

Any information would be greatly appreciated and hopefully someone can get back with me soon.