View Full Version : [ubuntu] Best Ubuntu Netbook (2010)?

April 29th, 2010, 07:26 PM
So, I've been intending to get a netbook for Linux in general. I've learned a few lessons from my old laptop about what I really want/need in a netbook.

The two things I'm looking for in a netbook are:
general compatibility with linux
can do compiz fusion/emerald (I'm addicted to my eye candy)
no fglrx resize issue
Textured/Matte (hate fingerprints)

And hopefully, a wifi card which allows me to do info sec stuff without hindrance.

My research has found a few promising laptops:
Asus eeePC (Newegg lists 4 textured eee pc 1001P netbooks)
system76 starling

I'm not particularly worried about specs (1-2 gigs of ram, 1.6 ghz cpu is good for me) because my first computer had only 256mb of Ram and did just fine.

There was one old thread about this topic, but from 2008, which is kind of out of date.

Any suggestions?