View Full Version : [gnome] Pidgin starting in indicator applet?

April 29th, 2010, 06:03 PM
I have been looking around some on internet without any luck in finding a solution to my problem.

My problem is when i login to Ubuntu Pidgin starts up minimized but not in tray or inside the indicator applet. Only as a normal minimized application.

I found some old solutions on how to start Pidgin in tray using the extended preferenses and a script to delay the startup of Pidgin during login.

Problem is however that this only seems to be working when "Show system tray icon" is set to "Always" under preferences. Personally i would however like to keep my system tray icons to a minimal and let the Indicator Applet take care of applications such as Pidgin.

As it is now i can only manage to find two alternatives:
1. Pidgin starts up as normal and i manually have to hide it to the indicator applet but in return i won't have to use Pidgin's own tray icon.

2. I have to use Pidgins own system tray icon but it will save me the hazzle of having to minimize it manually upon each login.

If anyone know of a solution for Pidgin to startup minimized to the indicator applet without having to use "Show system tray icon = Always" it would be highly appreciated.