View Full Version : [ubuntu] Streaming TV Sound via Internet for personal use - Help Please

April 29th, 2010, 10:20 AM
I have a holiday home in Spain and my normal home in UK. In Spain I have a satellite system which mainly receives German speaking channels. I would like to watch the pictures from Germany but listen to the audio from UK TV. This is for sport such as Formula 1.

In UK I have a Ubuntu 9.10 system with DTV card which works perfectly with MythTV. This is just a Myth backend for recording.

I can shut down the Myth backend which leaves a 9.10 system with a known working TV card fully supported by the kernel. (Leadtek Winfast DTV1000)

Can anyone suggest which programs to install to receive the UK TV channel and then stream the audio (only) to the internet so that I can decode it in Spain? I know there are programs such as Mplayer that will receive, but I am not too sure about the streaming of the audio.

Any help would be most welcome.