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April 28th, 2010, 03:46 PM
I installed ubuntu 9.10 yesterday and this would be my first time using linux. I have always wanted to try linux and i am familiar with some open source programs (open office and mozilla firefox). I always liked the open source idea.

I wanted to build a new system that would basically be a blu-ray player with a hard drive and internet. I am trying to run xmbc and have it boot directly into the program. I know this is all possible with linux systems.

Now to the point. I am a little frusterated with the process to install drivers and other programs. I am confused by the terminal process. I guess i am used to windows (regrettably). I understand that ubuntu is not windows and you may not want it to be like windows. I think your operating system will be better if there was a similar way to install programs. (insert cd, autorun begins, install program/driver)

You have a great operating system but it seems to be directed toward more advanced users with some kind of programming experience. i have gotten used to plug and play.

I have not given up on ubuntu yet. I have decided to alter my original idea and install a partition with windows being my main os and linux being something i can tinker with and experiment. I think in time i will get used to this new os and eventually i will get to build my ideal system. i have also bought a ubuntu basics book to try learn some more tips