View Full Version : [ubuntu] weired install issue 10.4 RC

April 28th, 2010, 02:33 PM
Hey i ran a very stable and good running Ubuntu 9.10 on my Dell XPS m1210

Well i decided to get a new Laptop and my choice was the Asus EEEPC 1201N...

Well since i dont wanted to wait till 10.4 is released i downloaded the RC and tried to install it.

Well things got wired after the install. When Ubuntu is done installing it ejects the CD and trying to reboot. Thats when i get a whole page of CD reading errors. Its not rebooting so i switch console and type reboot in and the Laptop is rebooting. then i have several different issues. System freezes wireless is connected but not letting me open any homepages. I thought well i try to install again. Well same thing but then wireless is ok but my System still freezes and very slow responsive.

I just installed Win7 to have at least something i can go online with.

Anyway i dont know if its because of the RC or not.

I tried to install live CD and Wubi and straight from CD nothing works right...

Anybody has an suggestion?!