View Full Version : [ubuntu] Gpodder needs two attempts to launch rhythmbox

April 28th, 2010, 01:13 PM
Until recently I've been using rhythmbox as a podcatcher, but yesterday I listened to a Shot of Jaq podcast where they recommended GPodder, so I've been trying that out.

I have rhythmbox set to start minimised to the notification area, and I told gpodder to launch downloaded podcasts in rhythmbox in order to be able to play podcasts without having open windows cluttering my desktop, which is what i'd get if they were being launched in totem.

The problem I've encountered is that if I click the play button in Gpodder when rythmbox is minimised to the notification area, it simply restores the rhythmbox window rather than playing the file, so i have to click play, alt-tab away from the restored rhythmbox window, then click play again.

does anyone know of a workaround, or if not some other media player that can be launched by gpodder whilst minimised to the notification area? I wish gpodder had a simple embedded gstreamer control that let you listen to files without spawning another player.