View Full Version : [all variants] preventing upgrades from reconfiguring rc.d links

April 28th, 2010, 03:39 AM
I have a laptop system that I do a lot of development and other kinds of work on. I have a lot of different packages installed, including a great many that run as services. Since I use most of them only occasionally, after installing them I generally remove the rc-d configuration
sudo update-rc.d -f <package> remove and then I start them manually as I need them.

For example, my system has MySQL and PostgreSQL installed, as well as an OpenSSH server, Apache, Tomcat, polipo etc. etc., and I don't need or want any of these to start every time I boot my laptop. They constitute unnecessary load and security risks if all I'm doing is browsing the web in a coffee shop.

My problem is that every time one of these packages is upgraded, the rc.d links are recreated, without even a notice, let alone a request for permission. I find this really annoying! Does anyone know a way to deal with this?

Grateful for any solutions or suggestions :)