View Full Version : [other] Boot interrupt... please help.

April 28th, 2010, 02:54 AM
hello all.

i want to ask for help regarding the EasyPeasy... on my EeePC 1005PE. first i had Win7 Starter on C... and i learned that there was another backup (hidden drive) which was factory default. Thus in my netbook I have Drive C, D &Hidden...

I installed the EasyPeasy on C... I could boot it properly but the boot was usually interrupt with this GRUB for around 10seconds before it booted.
Please see the screenshot attached 1-3.

I want to get rid of that interrupt by let it automatically boot into the EasyPeasy (Ubuntu...) and manually hit any key to get the GRUB option.

Please kindly advise.
Thank you before hand,