View Full Version : [ubuntu] poor FFox_3.6.3 performance in LL_10.04

April 28th, 2010, 02:35 AM

I installed LL_10.04 shortly after 1st-beta was released ... and have followed along ever since. Most everything within the release ... apps & OS function has worked very well indeed. On my modern dual_Sata/6-G.ram/965/gd70/9800gtx+/Hanns.28" well_supported kit tasks just fly.by.

Everything that is with the exception of FFox_3.6.3 browser. It's crashy and dodgy and slow and will "hang-onto"(?) any site worth the name till you blow.it.up! Very bumpy & un_slick.

By comparison OPERA & CHROME are light-footed & sure-footed débutantes. I presume most find a similar issue. What ... is the issue with FFox ?