View Full Version : [kubuntu] Since upgrade to lucid I get random screen freezes

April 26th, 2010, 02:21 PM
I upgraded on Saturday night to Lucid. Had some issues with grub2, but I solved these.
Now, I get to my desktop and after a couple of minutes the mouse and the keyboard stop responding. I press the power button, the screen shows the exit dialog and logs me off after 30 sec. Still no response from keyboard and mouse. Pressing the power button again shuts the computer down after another 30 sec (the screen gets updated).

This procedure happens over and over after about 2 min of using the PC. I managed disabling Desktop effects, which gave me another couple of minutes every time. But I'm at loss. I used this desktop for the past 6 months without a hitch under Karmic.

BTW running Kubuntu 64 bit if it matters.

Any help is kindly appreciated.

Tsvi M