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April 24th, 2010, 03:59 PM
April 22, 2010

ATTN: Masami Yamamoto
President, Fujitsu Limited
Shiodome City Center
1-5-2 Higashi-Shimbashi
Minato-ku, Tokyo
105-7123 Japan

Dear Mr. Masami Yamamoto,

On Mar 10, 2008 I bought a Fujitsu LBV1020-AM002D0D1 notebook computer here in Hong Kong and did the 3-year warranty registration on Mar 19, 2008. I bought it because I believe the meaning of ďMADE IN JAPANĒ at that time.

When I turn on the computer at home, I used to take the battery out. After a few months, I found the battery was loose. There was a look of wonder in my eyes for the design from Fujitsu. I solved the problem by sticking plaster. Another few months I found I canít put my flash drive into one of the USB ports. Since the problem was not considered serious, no action was taken at that time.

In early this month, the computer cannot boot up and I contact your service provider (CompuCare O/B Sunlite Computronics Limited) here in Hong Kong. The staff there said the fault is entirely mine about the battery. I have nothing to say. The staff then said the USB port was the same. Since the port is an internal part and I really donít know the way to break it, I was speechless with anger. The staff said they will check it and inform me later.

This morning, Mr. Wong, the supervisor of the CompuCare, talked to me by phone. He said the problem is the mother-board. He said the CompuCare donít have the acting abilities of repairing the mother-board. They have to replace it. The notebook is still in warranty and because of the USB port is connect to the mother-board, I have to pay for the mother-board. It is more than HK$3000.00. I want to contact with Fujitsu Hong Kong and Mr. Wong promised me to ask the staff of Fujitsu Hong Kong to call me ASAP. After I put down the phone, I think I should try to contact with Fujitsu Hong Kong myself. I spent the whole morning to call but could not get through. There have no one pick up the phone but only the answering machine. I left the message and wait. For the whole day, I was waiting for Ďa responseí from either Mr. Wong or Fujitsu Hong Kong.

Tonight, I seemed to reach my limit of tolerance. Having determined to pursuit the matter to the end and not to let the tremendous frustration and anger take over, I write this letter. The question I had was that why did not anybody from the CompuCare or Fujitsu notifies me immediately. Why ďDonít have the acting abilities of repairingĒ is the problem of customers. What is warranty stand for by Fujitsu? Why everything is the fault of customers but not the design? Were they just treating me this way or how many other customers out there got the same type of rude attitude treatment but had no time or not useful to speak out because of the expected inefficiency from Fujitsu?

I am very disappointed of both your product and your approved service provider and Services dealership in Hong Kong. Even though the way they handled this case was ridiculous to say the least and showed inefficiency at all levels of management, I did not really complain to anybody in this respect. (Chinese people have too high a degree of tolerance, maybe which is why things won't get improved too quickly). To a customer like myself who had lost confidence completely in dealing with the people in your company (Fujitsu Hong Kong), I naturally would not have expected any result no matter where I had gone to. But I just wanted you to know how ridiculous your overseas operation could become. I wonder about the validity and truthfulness of your advertisement. I honestly felt that CompuCare and Fujitsu personnel had treated me unfairly. Companies nowadays realize that customer service plays a big role in doing business and at keeping loyal customers. If nothing is being done, CompuCare, as well as Fujitsu, would surely miss their customers from coming back.

Customer appraisals carry more weight than management appraisals. I hope to hear from you soon before I write to newspapers in Hong Kong and in the net to state the case and let people decide what justice should be.

At last, I agreed that there had been large number of skilled and well-educated management people emigrated from Hong Kong, but I still hope that you can keep improving the quality of your service provider and Services dealership in Hong Kong.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours truly,

Steve Padrone

P.S. If your friend is going to buy computer, show him/her my letter. Toyota Recovery is the first Ö should Fujitsu the second?

April 24th, 2010, 04:12 PM
Well!! the usual problem with laptops is that replacing a component is frequently impossible. So, the vendor replaces the whole system. That's why we should look for companies offering the best after sale service and warranty. From my personal experience I recommend HP and Dell. Excellent products and services.

Since laptops are very sensitive, another point I have in mind when buying, is the support I might have from another users in forums, who may have gone through the same issues.

Kind regards!

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April 24th, 2010, 04:42 PM
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April 28th, 2010, 03:35 PM
A week after I wrote the letter, I received a call from Mr. Wong on April 28 afternoon. This Mr. Wong, the supervisor of the CompuCare, said they will fix the computer cosí this is a special case. I really donít understand how special this case is since the computer still has the warranty till next year. I donít know how many other customers out there got the same type of rude attitude treatment. I do hope you can post my letter to the computer forums of your country. If your friend is going to buy computer, show him/her my letter. Just let the human knows the real meaning of Fujitsuís warranty and know perfectly well that warranty is just a trap. Never try to keep about the validity and truthfulness of Fujitsu advertisement.