View Full Version : FOSS Software Inc?

April 23rd, 2010, 09:41 PM
My issue of SD Times came in today, and attached was a booklet full of various software tools and apps. Is I thumbed through it, on page 44 there was an add for 'FOSS Software, Inc' selling some add-in tools for MS Office and Visual Studio. I figured, FOSS Software, maybe someone's finally writing some free apps for Windows development until I visited the website.

Yeah, FOSS - Forceful Software Solutions - http://www.fossware.com/ - so nothing related to Free and Open Source Software. The company history shows it was created in 2000 which even by then 'FOSS' was a commonly used term, so I'm wondering why a company would use such an acronym for their name.

Anyway, just something weird I just saw and thought I'd share.