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April 23rd, 2010, 04:58 AM
Is my favorite band.

They have so many different types of music. From straight up industrial/electro, to rock/metal, to techno-pop(ish) sounding stuff. Not to mention all of the remixes.

I think it'd be hard for anyone to find at least a few of their songs they don't like. I haven't even listened to a good portion of their stuff yet.

I used to only like their more "mainstream" rock/metal sounding stuff. But songs like Megalomaniac, Witness, and People of the Lie are starting to change that.

I just listened to the Agogo version of A Hole In the Wall today and I like it a better than the Angst version I was formerly only aware of. I also like Zombie Girl's remix of You're No Good on Brimborium better than the original on Hau Ruck.

I'm going to have to start looking for similar sounding bands.