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April 21st, 2010, 12:01 AM
I know there are scores of install threads, but I haven't seen this posted yet, so here gos, with one caveat: I think this probably proves that I am too dumb to run linux, but I've been using Dellbuntu on a gen1 Mini-9 since it was released in the fall of '08.

I am weary of Dellbuntu. I want a newer distro with modern improvements and fewer bugs and a smaller footprint (I only have the stock 16G SSD). To this end I have been trying to install Linux Mint Xfce. I have downloaded the .iso and put it on a usb using UnetBootin.

When I start-up, at POST I hit '0' to enter boot options. I get a window with 'UNetbootin' across the top and what I suppose are supposed to be my boot options in the window beneath. Except my only option is 'Default.' There is a 10 second counter that claims it will autoboot when finished, but when it get to 0 it just restarts the countdown.

The only option I have is 'Tab to edit option,' and when I press it I get a prompt:

> /ubnkern initrd=/ubninit

I can get no further than this. No commands known to me work. I have to do a hard shutdown just to move forward.

As I said, obviously I am too dumb to use linux, cuz boot up stuff should be pretty basic. I have been using this mini-9 stock since I received it in Oct 2008. I even loaded Gentoo on an old IBM several years before that. But I don't know what I am doing. How do I get this to work? I can't afford Win7, and I like linux. I just don't know what I'm doing.


April 21st, 2010, 03:39 AM
I have heard of this happening with an UNetbootin install.
I understand mint will work with usb-creator, the thumbdrive installer that comes with Ubuntu.
I have also heard good things about LinuxLive USB Creator, (from their web site, it seems to work for me so far.
I have been playing with getting grub2 to boot isos from flash drive. Pendrivelinux has some instructions but don't copy paste their script as there are some weird characters in it.