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April 18th, 2010, 07:04 PM
My OS is Ubuntu 9.04, and I have both SeaMonkey and Firefox installed, as well as Internet Explorer 6, using Wine, installed. (Note the attached screenshot of the SeaMonkey Plugins.)
Adobe Reader 9.3

File name: npwrapper.nppdf.so
The Adobe Reader plugin is used to enable viewing of PDF and FDF files from within the browser.

MIME Type Description Suffixes Enabled
application/pdf Portable Document Format pdf Yes
application/vnd.fdf Acrobat Forms Data Format fdf Yes
application/vnd.adobe.xfdf XML Version of Acrobat Forms Data Format xfdf Yes
application/vnd.adobe.xdp+xml Acrobat XML Data Package xdp Yes
application/vnd.adobe.xfd+xml Adobe FormFlow99 Data File xfd Yes
Shockwave Flash

File name: npwrapper.libflashplayer.so
Shockwave Flash 10.0 r45

MIME Type Description Suffixes Enabled
application/x-shockwave-flash Shockwave Flash swf Yes
application/futuresplash FutureSplash Player spl Yes
VLC Multimedia Plugin (compatible Totem 2.26.1)

File name: libtotem-cone-plugin.so
The Totem 2.26.1 plugin handles video and audio streams.

MIME Type Description Suffixes Enabled
application/x-vlc-plugin VLC Multimedia Plugin Yes
application/vlc VLC Multimedia Plugin Yes
video/x-google-vlc-plugin VLC Multimedia Plugin Yes
application/x-ogg Ogg multimedia file ogg Yes
application/ogg Ogg multimedia file ogg Yes
audio/ogg Ogg Audio oga Yes
audio/x-ogg Ogg Audio ogg Yes
video/ogg Ogg Video ogv Yes
video/x-ogg Ogg Video ogg Yes
application/annodex Annodex exchange format anx Yes
audio/annodex Annodex Audio axa Yes
video/annodex Annodex Video axv Yes
video/mpeg Movie Clip mpg, mpeg, mpe Yes
audio/wav WAV audio wav Yes
audio/x-wav WAV audio wav Yes
audio/mpeg MP3 audio mp3 Yes
application/x-nsv-vp3-mp3 NullSoft video nsv Yes
video/flv Flash video flv Yes
application/x-totem-plugin Totem Multimedia plugin Yes
Windows Media Player Plug-in 10 (compatible; Totem)

File name: libtotem-gmp-plugin.so
The Totem 2.26.1 plugin handles video and audio streams.

MIME Type Description Suffixes Enabled
application/x-mplayer2 AVI video avi, wma, wmv Yes
video/x-ms-asf-plugin ASF video asf, wmv Yes
video/x-msvideo AVI video asf, wmv Yes
video/x-ms-asf ASF video asf Yes
video/x-ms-wmv Windows Media video wmv Yes
video/x-wmv Windows Media video wmv Yes
video/x-ms-wvx Windows Media video wmv Yes
video/x-ms-wm Windows Media video wmv Yes
video/x-ms-wmp Windows Media video wmv Yes
application/x-ms-wms Windows Media video wms Yes
application/x-ms-wmp Windows Media video wmp Yes
application/asx Microsoft ASX playlist asx Yes
audio/x-ms-wma Windows Media audio wma Yes
DivX Web Player

File name: libtotem-mully-plugin.so
DivX Web Player version

MIME Type Description Suffixes Enabled
video/divx AVI video divx Yes
QuickTime Plug-in 7.2.0

File name: libtotem-narrowspace-plugin.so
The Totem 2.26.1 plugin handles video and audio streams.

MIME Type Description Suffixes Enabled
video/quicktime QuickTime video mov Yes
video/mp4 MPEG-4 video mp4 Yes
image/x-macpaint MacPaint Bitmap image pntg Yes
image/x-quicktime Macintosh Quickdraw/PICT drawing pict, pict1, pict2 Yes
video/x-m4v MPEG-4 video m4v Yes

I'm experiencing a problem with both Firefox and SeaMonkey opening online pdf documents. (Note the attached screenshot.) file:///home/al/iexplore-mozilla/MHDataXfer.pdf-page.png

As we can see, the page is blank. If I copy the page to a folder on my computer, I can then open the invisible pdf file using Adobe Reader 9, and it is perfectly readable and can be printed.

If I use Internet Explorer 6, I can navigate to the same page, and open the same pdf file online, and it is perfectly readable online in an Adobe pdf format, and can be printed directly from that page.
I've been dinking around with this problem for some time. Although I can use the work-around mentioned, saving the page to my computer, and opening it separately with Adobe, this is really annoying.
This does not happen on all sites. In fact, on most sites Adobe reader works just fine. The maintainer of the site, not surprisingly, suggests that I use Internet Explorer, as that is the browser which they support.

Any clues?
Thanks, owa:confused:

April 18th, 2010, 10:17 PM
Do you have a special reason to use Adobe PDF reader instead of an open source alternative?

Even when I was a clueless Windows user I didn't use it. It sucks really bad. Have you tried Evince (apt:evince)? I use Okular (I'm on KDE) and it works great, although for on-line viewing I have solved all my problems with gPDF (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/14814). It scan webpages for pdf links and set them to open with Google PDF viewer. Works like a charm.