View Full Version : Broadband Mobile - a little praise for Ubuntu

April 17th, 2010, 04:06 PM
I just flew out to California from the Shangrila that is Vermont. Wow! It's been two years but it's like stepping out of the past! There are flat screen TVs everywhere! The menu listing in Burger King is a flat screen TV! All the little kiosks are flat screens and at the gas station, there's a flat screen TV pumping adds straight from the pump.

I swear, every time I leave Vermont for California I feel like I've stepped forward two decades.

But... burrowing someone else's Verizon Broadband Mobile, I didn't expect it to work in Ubuntu. But, by gad, if it wasn't easier than Windows! Ubuntu continues to impress the h*ll out of me. I know, from past experience, that using Windows isn't nearly as easy. I needed the install CD, etc... I'm curious to try this broadband mobile on OpenSuse, just to see if it's as slick as Ubuntu.

Just... wow. The amount of work that's gone into Linux/Ubuntu is amazing.