View Full Version : IBM OS2 coming back and running on top of linux

April 17th, 2010, 04:00 PM

I noticed this comment on ease of use. Seems people still think Linux is too hard for most people to use. I think Linux is fairly easy to use.
Broad-scale Linux adoption is truly tied to the perception of ease of use.

Point: OS/2 redux not a bad idea for Big Blue shops
Interestingly, IT pros who were asked for comment did not fall on the ground laughing at the prospect of OS/2 redux.

Frank Basanta, the COO of Systems Solutions in New York City, said OS/2's graphical user interface, Presentation Manager, could easily rival both KDE and Gnome GUIs of the Linux world.

If IBM wanted to take another run at Microsoft on the desktop--and believe it, there are still people hurting from the last go-round--this could be one way to make Linux more user friendly Basanta reasoned. The reason people use Windows and the Mac is they're easy to use. One of the last hurdles to broad-scale Linux desktop adoption is analogous ease of use, he said.