View Full Version : [ubuntu] Using BT Voyager 2500V router as home network router

April 17th, 2010, 11:43 AM
I have 2 computers at home - a desktop machine running Hardy, and a netbook running Jaunty. For some time I've had them "networked" together via a crossover cable, and that's been okay. But I want to connect them via a router, so when I get a third computer I will be able to fit it into my home network.

A friend has given me a BT Voyager 2500V Wireless ADSL router. This is/was the router that the UK ISP BT give to their broadband customers. I'm not a BT customer, but I do not want to connect to the internet with this router. I just want to use it to control my home network.

I've been looking at the .html pages on the installation CD that comes with the router, hoping to find some kind of instructions that I might adapt to do what I want. But the pages I've viewed have displayed only nonsense, or stupid error messages (for instance one page said I need to upgrade my flash player to view its contents - I'm using flash 10...). So, I've Googled the problem but haven't found anything helpful yet. Google found me a set-up guide pdf which told me to plug the router into a DSL socket, then turn on the router, then connect to computer via ethernet cable and go to with web browser. I did that but got just a blank page. With the router powered up and connected via ethernet to a computer, the green lights for Power, Ethernet 4 and Wireless are lit up, which suggests to me that some kind of connection has been made. But where do I go from here?

I shall return to my friend Google, but I have also posted here in the hope that someone might know how to do what it is I'm trying to do.

To recap: I want to use a BT Voyager 2500V router as a router for my home network. I do not want to access the internet with it, I just want to use it as a home network router. My network will consist of 1 computer running Hardy and one running Jaunty.

I have zero experience or knowledge of networking, so please be gentle with me.

EDIT: Details of the router in question can be seen here (http://www.voyager.bt.com/voice_over_ip_devices/voyager_2500v/product_info.htm). The info certainly makes me think this router can do what I want. I just don't know how. :(