View Full Version : Occasional HVR-2200 failure...

April 17th, 2010, 02:55 AM

Our backend has a Hauppauge HVR-2200 installed.

Occasionally we get recording failures - ie: Mythweb will show the program as being or having been recorded, but no thumbnail renders. When selecting the program from a front-end, we get the "file does not exist" kinda error/s.

Have checked all of the recording drives. None show evidence of imminent or current failure, and full disks is also not an issue here.

For the record, each of the (two) tuners is configured as 3 virtuals, thus implying a limit of 6 concurrent recordings. We've not seen quite this many simultaneous recordings and, even when close to it, all recordings are successful - thus also removing IO bandwidth limitations from the equation.

Soooo... Last night, we noticed that one of our favourite shows which was apparently still recording had suffered from the same fate. Thinking it another "one-off", we decided to write it off and wait for the program after it, which was also set to record from the same multiplex. It also failed in the same way.

In an attempt to at least watch one of the programs, we switched over to live TV. It went straight to the same tuner, which reported no lock. Swapped tuners, and watched our show. Note: both programs in question were being transmitted on the same multiplex.

This morning, I went to check the system out while it's idle. The tuners now both work faultlessly (and all I did was check them - the broked one has evidently come good again overnight)...

Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Anyone have a clue or some hunting tips for us? It's getting tedious - we're starting to lose important recordings on a regular basis now :-(