View Full Version : [gnome] ibus default enable?

April 14th, 2010, 06:20 PM
I am using ibus to enter Unicode (and sometimes switch to Chinese pinyin IME) and I was wondering if there were a way to have it enabled by default. As it is, I need to press the key combo I've selected under "Enable or disable" in the ibus preferences for each individual application I use it in. But since the unicode IME lets you type normally, I would like to have it just be enabled by default in every application I open, and only deactivate it when I need to use "ctrl-U" in some app (which is rare).

I searched the man pages for ibus-daemon and the other ibus programs and there is no command-line argument listed to have it enabled by default. There's also no option like that in the Preferences. Does anyone know of a way to do this? It would save me several dozen keystrokes per day.