View Full Version : Can I use Dish Network DuoDVR with Mythbuntu backend?

April 13th, 2010, 06:50 PM
Hey guys, been reading on here quite a bit, but don't see anything about using a box with the Dish Network DuoDVR receiver so just want to inquire the possibilities of getting this to work. I absolutely HATE the dish DVR's software and lag.

My current setup, is using Dish Network service to the DuoDVR. (1 hd - 1 sd TV hookups). I have the HD running to my big LCD in the living room, and the SD goes to a CRT in my bedroom. The receiver receives signals from the remotes by IR with the HD out and RF with the SD out.

I'm wandering if I can setup a backend server to use this receiver to record/play from both outputs (Then use 2 Acer Revo's as my frontends).

The questions is if this is possible, what equipment do I need to get to change channels on the dish box? And if anyone knows of an article or other forum post (I searched without any good results) please let me know.

I'm thinking I need an HDPVR for the HD out and an IR blaster to change the channel for it; then
Use an Hauppauge PVR-150 for the Standard Out and some kind of RF transmitter to change channels on that (Need help because I can't find where I would get an RF transmitter for the myth box)

Thanks for any info.