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April 13th, 2010, 02:16 PM
Hi guys, I'd like peoples opinion if you wouldn't mind. I've been using the Beta for a lil bit now. I do like the look, I don't love it though. I don't even think its an artwork problem because I think its all done really professionally. I was a little disappointed with the icons being the standards and nothing to write home about. But they are perfectly passable.

The problem I think is with the overall design philosophy of Linux applications, this is write across the board too. Not just Gtk but QT as well. Theres too much nothingness and not enough focus on performing tasks. Nautilus, for example is pretty featureful and shows its worth with is mass of icons. But theres too much clutter. I don't need all those icons. So, one would assume that if I don't need them, then theres a whole load of other people who don't either. I know, I know, I can hide them. I would quite like to use the back and forward buttons. I know, I know, I could change the xml file to only show those two buttons. But then if I do that I have a whole bar of wasted space to the right of it.

I mean not to pound on nautilus. It was merely an example that shows the issue I have with the look of Linux really quite well.

I may just be talking crazy talk, but nevertheless I'd like to know what everyone thinks.