View Full Version : [kubuntu] Not connecting to uni network

April 13th, 2010, 01:29 AM
I cannot connect to the internet on my newly installed kubuntu 9.10
It worked fine with Ubuntu and I followed the same instructions. I am at uni and they have a linux guide to connect to the network

Click on the 802.1x Security tab, and enter the following information:

Connection name: Wired NAS
Tick Use 802.1X security for this connection
Authentication: Tunnelled TLS
Anonymous identity: anon@xxxx.xx.xx
CA Certificate: \etc\ssl\certs\equifax_secure_ca.pem
Inner Authentication: PAP
Username and Password: Your University account details

ok and apply and click connect

but it doesnt connect, it brings up the 802.1x security tab again after a while, but all the details ive checked numerous times and gone back to my ubuntu to check too

any idea on what can be done?