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April 12th, 2010, 06:10 PM
So, I woke up this morning to a quite living room. Which is strange since my Media-PC is running all the time. Anyway, I look at the computer and the power button light is on, but no fan sounds and I can't get a picture. I try and ssh over and nothing. Okay, so the computer is off, weird. I push and hold the power button and nothing happens. I then unplug the computer and light stays on for 15 secs (internal capacitance I guess). Anyway, I plug it back in and the computer starts up just fine.

I go to work and try to Backup my data, but I can't ssh in. I ask my wife about it and she says the computer shut down again. This sound like a power supply issue to me, but before I go and by a new power supply I want to be sure. Can someone give me any suggestions of where to look in logs and such to maybe figure out if it is over heating or if it is really the power supply.

EDIT: Well, I bought a new PSU with an extra 150W. Hopefully, this will prevent any further issues. I had a 600W PSU before and then added a sound card and another HDD. I think this put me to close to the rating, so it pooped.