View Full Version : [ubuntu] What should I worry about? Karmic on a Thinkpad T60

at both ends
April 12th, 2010, 07:24 AM
I run Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit on a reasonably current and reasonably hot HP desktop without problems. (Dual boot with Win7 but haven't booted Win7 on this box since the day after it was delivered.) I also have a four year old Dell Pentium 4 box running 8.04 32 bit, basically acting as a LAMP server on my internal network.

For six years I had a trusty Thinkpad R51 (WinXP) that was bulletproof - I thought - but she's gone to bit heaven. So I just bought a three year old refurb T60 on eBay, and it arrived yesterday. She's come loaded with Win7 and is wheezing a little - 2 GB would seem to be cutting things too fine to run the latest and greatest Redmond offering. This T60 is a 32 bit box, 3 GB maximum addressable, one of the early Intel dual core CPUs, ATI x1300 graphics.

Win7 is going bye bye. I considered a dual boot system but I think it will eat too much of the 160GB hard drive. So first of all, I could use some advice: Do I keep some sort of minimalist Win7 on the disk?

Second and more important, when installing 32 bit Karmic on a T60, are there particular tips, tricks, or traps that I should keep in mind? I have searched this forum and stumbled across a few possible gotchas but if anyone has a comprehensive list of pointers, I would be very grateful.

April 12th, 2010, 09:29 AM
hi, i don't have such a comprehensive list but some experience:

1. dual boot: i'm running win7 and ubuntu on a 160gb netbook (!) without any problems - just wonderfull. I gave win 60 gb and ubuntu 100 gb when installing.

2. i have an old Toshiba notebook running 10.04. the machine could be quite similar to the t60. i run into trouble with my nvidia board when i installed the proprietary driver (black screeen). i had to re-install the system from scratch to get rid of the nvidia-driver. i've learned from the forums, that this problem often occurs with the t60 too. so my idea is to stay with the build-in (noveau) driver if you have nvidia graphics. disatvantage: no acceleration, no desktop effects etc.

hope this helps