View Full Version : [ubuntu] Pc hardware fails...why? Temperature?

April 11th, 2010, 04:28 PM
Hi! I'm using Ubuntu 9.10 (but I don't think that's the problem cause windows XP does the same thing...) and it works fine...usually, then the pc decides to stop working and this begins with "working fine for 2 secs, stop working for 2 secs", continues with really bad hdd messages and ends with the most strange effects (for instance sometimes the lights of the keyboard start flashing and everything stops working). I've tried to install some programs to check the hardware, this is the result:

user@pc sensors

Adapter: PCI adapter
Core0 Temp: +32.0C

Adapter: ISA adapter
VCore: +1.18 V (min = +0.70 V, max = +1.87 V)
+12V: +12.34 V (min = +10.15 V, max = +0.67 V) ALARM
+3.3V: +3.30 V (min = +1.09 V, max = +0.90 V) ALARM
+5V: +5.01 V (min = +3.44 V, max = +0.56 V) ALARM
-12V: -11.70 V (min = -13.59 V, max = -13.59 V) ALARM
V5SB: +5.03 V (min = +0.00 V, max = +3.17 V) ALARM
VBat: +3.49 V (min = +0.19 V, max = +0.78 V) ALARM
fan1: 0 RPM (min = 67500 RPM, div = 2) ALARM
CPU Fan: 0 RPM (min = -1 RPM, div = 2) ALARM
fan3: 0 RPM (min = 675000 RPM, div = 2) ALARM
M/B Temp: +39.0C (high = +25.0C, hyst = +0.0C) ALARM sensor = thermistor
CPU Temp: +32.5C (high = +60.0C, hyst = +55.0C) sensor = thermistor
temp3: +65.0C (high = +60.0C, hyst = +55.0C) ALARM sensor = thermistor
cpu0_vid: +0.000 V

user@pc sudo hddtemp /dev/sda
/dev/sda: WDC WD5000AAKS-00C8A0: 35C

All these "ALARM" doesn't look nice and, honestly, I wonder if the sensors are working properly or if I installed everything correctly (I can see the fan of my CPU rotating and I don't think there's a hidden one)...anyway, what would you suggest? Should I change motherboard? Can you tell me what else to check/do?
Thank you for your time