View Full Version : [ubuntu] IBM LS20 and Ubuntu Server

April 10th, 2010, 02:45 PM
Hello, I am pretty new to the server world. I have Ubuntu server running on a standard desktop box for some fairly simple task (including a game server) however I would like to upgrade to an actual server machine and wanted some feedback on one that I have found...

Brand: IBM
Type: 885065U
Model: BladeCenter LS20
Processor Type: AMD Opteron
Processor Speed: 2.2Ghz DUAL CORE @64bit
Quantity Installed: 2/2
Memory: 4096MB PC2-3200R

Is this something that would run it fairly well, or would it drag ? Also, is this something that I could add to my render farm for for rendering out video (Cinelerra/Blender) for example...

I am on a budget, but I try to be flexible...