View Full Version : [ubuntu] Logitech setpoint equalent to linux

John Rivera
April 9th, 2010, 07:47 AM
I have been using my logitech MX5500 cordless desktop revolution for some time now.

I am happy with my keyboard and mice set, however I do wonder why does not all mice and keyboard buttons work even those are understood by X event tester or xev.

So I am starting to think creating own solution to this.
Clean and simple, make small daemon to run on background which could identify keys pressed and then "fake" it to be another key for system.

Setpoint in windows does more or less that, so it should be possible to do on linux as well.

Now where I do drop short is knowledge howto develop such daemon for Linux and where to start to work with it ?

I am willing to do things to get my quite euro sink keyboard and mice to work on my PC without ever it having windows OS...