View Full Version : [all variants] dk-filter and dkim-filter DNS issues

April 9th, 2010, 05:28 AM
How can I tell if there is a DNS resolution problem with my server? I'm using a basic Ubuntu Server 9.10 x64 installation with Postfix/Amavis/DKIM setup. My outgoing mail is signed fine. However, the incoming mail doesn't appear to be.

99.9% of the mail comes in with this in the mail log:

dkim-filter[1626]: 07CF5134C5: no signature data

I did have one come in with this in the log:

dkim-filter[1626]: CD2CCD95 ADSP query: syntax error in policy data
dkim-filter[1626]: CD2CCD95: no signature data

and another one with this one (and this is the one that makes me wonder about DNS resolution):

dkim-filter[1626]: 7E6FDD95 ADSP query: timeout DNS query for `d49.org'
dkim-filter[1626]: 7E6FDD95: no signature data

This error comes from the header of an email from gmail user:

domainkeys=softfail (invalid, public key: DNS query timeout for gamma._domainkey.gmail.com)

Do most senders NOT use DK or DKIM signatures? Do I have a problem with my DNS? How can I troubleshoot/fix?

Thanks for your help.