View Full Version : [ubuntu] mod_perl run as user other than www-data

April 8th, 2010, 09:58 PM
I am currently installing a billing system to play with called FreeSide (http://www.freeside.biz). While going through their install instructions, they have one little small line that reads as the following:

Ensure Apache has mod_perl enabled and is set to run as User freeside. If you have other things being served by Apache on this machine (hopefully internal things), it is recommended to run a separate iteration of Apache as the freeside user.

I'm building it in a VM all by its lonesome, so no worries about anything else using mod_perl. From what I understood, mod_perl runs as the user that apache2 does, i.e. www-data. Is this incorrect? Is there a way of setting the user that mod_perl runs as? Or do I need to change the user apache uses?