View Full Version : MSI U100 webcam WORKING - Fixed?

April 8th, 2010, 08:52 AM
A week or so ago I noticed to my amazement that the built-in webcam on my U100 netbook is actually working under Karmic (UNR), which it has never done before (this seems to be a common issue with this otherwise rather nice machine). My external Logitech webcam is also working when I plug it in, and that never happened either. They're working with Cheese, at any rate, which is the only webcam app that I have.

Has this been fixed for everyone through one of the software updates? If so, then, good!

But, if this is just me, and I unwittingly did something, or installed something, or uttered some mystic incantation in my sleep that awakened the cam completely by accident, then we need to figure out what it was. I'm almost afraid to touch the thing out of fear that it will go dead again, and then I'll never know. And I have not tried the microphone yet.