View Full Version : Mythfrontend on iPad?

April 8th, 2010, 07:01 AM
So, here's a thought. Wouldn't it be nice to install mythfrontend on an iPad? I wouldn't expect it to work outside the home but it'd be cool if I could watch my recorded shows from my mythbackend on the iPad while sitting on the toilet. Yeah, I know, the epitome of laziness and the definition of sloth, but it'd still be cool.

Any smart dudes out there want to tackle that idea? I've heard the iPad's already been jailbroken. Shouldn't be too hard after that. Not that I'd know what to do from that point. In fact, I don't even own and iPad yet. I'm just dreaming.

What do you guys/gals think?

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April 8th, 2010, 12:07 PM
Man, the pause button was invented for this very reason. Those extra huge dumps can play havoc with the enjoyment of a good movie though. could be useful if you are prone to getting the runs...
Would mythweb not do the job for you?

April 8th, 2010, 04:21 PM
And what about installing the frontend on a half-the-price-of-that-iCrap netbook NOW? Gee...those apple-drone...

April 9th, 2010, 03:33 AM
Would a upnp client do the trick?