View Full Version : [ubuntu] Graphics Problem?

April 7th, 2010, 10:09 PM
So I been enjoying Ubuntu on ny Inspiron 1420 for a little over a year now. It's been working perfect until today the graphics started getting garbled and the laptop locked. So I rebooted. Booting fine until it gets to the GRUB screen. I see a few characters have "green ghosts" to their sides. Alright I am starting to get worried. I booted the lasted kernel and bam graphics garbled after a second at the login screen and the computer locked. Second time, it went to the desktop and did the same. Third it took a couple of minutes. So the fourth time, I took gdm and X down and it worked fine in CLI until I took X back up. Fifth time I took it into Vista, worked like a charm. On Ubuntu I am still getting the problem. The GRUB screen is still a little mess up. Now I am clueless. How does the video mess up in GRUB but not anymore when it loads Vista? By the way, the card is nVidia 8400M GS. Not sure what action to take. Any advice is welcomed.