View Full Version : [wubi] First time install not working...

April 7th, 2010, 09:10 AM
I am a newbie to Ubuntu. In fact, I haven't even started with Ubuntu. I can't get it up and running.

At first I had error messages when running Wubi - Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters ... etc

I did a search and found that the problem was my memory card reader so I disabled that and ran Wubi again.

This time it all seemed to be going well. I entered user name and password and got to the point of being asked to reboot the computer to complete installation.

I did this but Windows just loaded straight back up with no option to boot into Ubuntu.

Within Windows I checked to see if any programmes had installed. According to the list in the 'Add or Remove Programmes' window, Ubunty is there - 17Gb of it. I've looked in the C: drive and there is an Ubuntu folder with 3 subfolders (disks, install, winboot) and 2 files (an ubuntu image/icon and 'uninstall-wubi).

I've tried to stop the automatic boot when I switch the computer on but Ubuntu isn't listed in any of the options.

I am barely computer proficient so there may be something obvious I'm missing, but does anyone know why this isn't working? Any tips?

Many thaniks,