View Full Version : 0.22 menu navigation issues

April 7th, 2010, 05:44 AM
I recently upgraded to 0.22 and it is very pretty. I don't really like the side scrolling themes so I stuck with the Mythbuntu theme.
While 0.22 is a much nicer system I have the following minor gripes:

you can't navigate using only arrows any more. You have to press info/menu to get a context menu and you have to press stop/esc to exit from recordings/mythvideo/upcoming recordings/program finder/etc.
when navigating mythvideo (in gallery mode) the selection doesn't wrap to the next line it just goes round and round on the same line
with all the pretty artwork in MythVideo it is hard to (in gallery mode) see what video is selected. Can the highlight be changed to a solid colour or brighter colour? Is this something that I can change easily myself?
when you delete the last recording in a particular group you get zapped back up to "All Programs" instead of just moving up to the previous list. This is annoying when you have a LOT of programs

I can live with the above but if there is an easy fix for any of them I'd love to know it.
Regarding navigating the LONG list of recordings my wife said to me the other day that you should be able to press a letter and jump down to the programs starting with that letter. It kinda seems obvious now that I think of it but has anyone else considered it?
I think it is time for me to sort out some recording groups to tidy up some of the mess :(