View Full Version : [ubuntu] Dual booting KK and XP

April 4th, 2010, 05:44 PM
I hope this is the correct forum.

This saga started with a 320 GB HDD crash - a drive that had Windows Vista on it. I ran Spinrite and it cleaned up some bad sectors on the drive. Prior to this I had no experience with any form of Linux, however, I had a Ubuntu “Gutsy Gibbon” CD which had been given to me some months ago. I decided to give Linux a try.

Not knowing what I was doing, I installed the Ubuntu onto the drive. It worked, but my Vista and all of my data files were gone (or at least unavailable). I now know that Ubuntu overwrote the format system with a different one. I installed a new 1 TB drive and installed Ubuntu “Karmic Koala” onto it. I don't recall all of the steps taken (some were not done by me). Here is the status of my machine.

I am running Ubuntu KK.
The 1 TB drive is partitioned with Karmic Koala in the first partition.
The second partition is set aside for Windows XP (I have that disc – and don't seem to have the recovery disc for Vista – and I will be happy to have XP for the little I expect to use Windows for.)
A third partition is set aside for what ever data recovery may be available from the 320 GB HDD.
The 320 GB is not mounted so as to prevent any further corruption of data.
The 320 GB is the first HDD in the computer and it has the MBR.
The 1 TB is the second HDD in the computer.
The 1 TB is in the setup as the first boot drive.

I wish to install XP on the 2nd partition of the 1 TB HDD and to be able to dual boot with KK. My attempts to install XP in the 2nd partition of the 1 TB HDD have failed because the MBR is on the 320 GB HDD. It is my plan to remove the 320 GB drive when this is all finished.

My question is: How do I move the MBR to the 1 TB drive or create a MBR on the 1 TB drive?