View Full Version : [ubuntu] Internet Backup Server?

April 2nd, 2010, 09:01 PM
Hi all,
I am trying to see if the solution I am looking for already exists: I want to be able to back up Clients over the internet much in the way that services such as Mozy work, however where I host the storage server, and therefore have as much storage space as I would like, for free. No VPN garbage required, just a secure connection over the Internet back to my server.

Ideally, the solution would supply a client for Windows, Linux and OSX. The client would install on the desktop PC and be configured to connect back to the server across the Internet, and have options for what files to back up, how many revisions to keep, perhaps some bandwidth throttling / system idle time options, and maybe even some email notification functions. The Client PC would be able to do their own file restores.

On the server side (Ubuntu Server), the administrator would be able to view all the registered backup clients in a browser interface, view the status of their backup sets, initiate a manual backup/restore, and other basic admin functions.

Keep in mind, the key point of this is it must function over the Internet, not just on local networks.

Does such a solution exist, or should I just go back to sleep now? :)