View Full Version : Nice work Xubuntu team!

April 2nd, 2010, 03:50 PM
So I burned the liveCDs of Ubuntu & Xubuntu 10.04 last night to give it a quick look. I must say, I'm quite impressed with the look & feel of Xubuntu - the artwork & fonts are very nice, and the general look is elegant while still retaining the trademark simplicity. All the good software is there, and everything is quick & snappy. The only downside is it appears to be missing that nifty social-networking applet that Ubuntu has (unless I missed it..?).

I might have to go with Xubuntu over Ubuntu for this next LTS cycle!

More general observations:

One minor nit about both distros is they downplay the (X)Ubuntu logo on the start menu, which I think is a strong aspect of the Ubuntu brand, and I like to see it there in the taskbar. I was able to change it to the traditional one pretty easily in Xubuntu by editing the item's properties, but not in Ubuntu.

A strong plus for me for both distros is my wireless fired up strong & problem free, and seems very fast. I have just switched my home network over to wireless N, and my ubuntu 9.04 doesn't seem to handle it very well - the signal strength shows low & connectivity can be spotty.

All in all good work on both distros.