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April 1st, 2010, 04:26 PM
The IPv4/6 interface is already there and standardized, and the open source tools to implement a new worldwide network are free of the vulnerabilities. That's a software-level thing that's been fixed up and is constantly repaired. Unless there are structural vulnerabilities in the Internet I need to know about :O

Seriously, though, we can do it. Maybe start things off in individual cells, keep things connected on the current Net... I think the world could pull it off. I've looked into it myself on a smaller, personal level and what the heck, I think I'll set up my own mini-Rebelnet with an alternate DNS root - that's how such a system would start, ditching ICANN's stuff.

Oh, I really hope it never comes to this though... Just best to be prepared. Just like backing up your data - you hope it'll never get erased, but there's always that chance.

In September, 2009 the United Nations bought ICANN. Here is my idea: Beat the ICANN plan to shutdown the internet and replace it with their convoluted goofball internet!

Our pocket size server comes with BIND, openSSL, and CENT OS. Now YOU have the Power to control internet with a server that rolls three server types into one, Root, Name and Web servers with BIND give you the power to create your very own Top Level Domains (TLD's) outside of UN and ICANN jurisdiction. Freedom of speech is yours for just $750- this is just an idea I had based on the following areas of research:

I have been doing a lot of research for one day. Up until 4am freedom of speech is what DARPA's net was at first all about. As of sept., 2009 the power of speech freedom road map (icann), i.e., cop-in-hoggin co2 summit, was sold under the table to the united nations fiat paper money in the amount of several billion printed right out of thin air. What is referred to as ICANN is like the USPS mail system of streets and cities and zipcodes. That address system is what ICANN soon was.

Now if USPS database accidentally loses some of those addresses (internet sites) then I'm researching a way to just take my liberty package over to UPS or FedEx. Name-space.com is but one example of what we may refer to as an "alternate dns root" venue as to "TDL" (top level domain, i.e., .com, .net, .org, .you, .me, .any). I am even looking for a way for individuals to not only create alternate dns root for what is referred to as their unique "IP Address" (any device that connects to an internet or intranet has a unique IP Address (key,key,key)) but also propagate that TLD throughout the internet and maintain that IP Address over several computers linked together nominated as "root servers" and then they connect to several "name servers" and then onto the computers nominated to be "web servers" which contain the website pages/content.

The root servers and name servers are multiple and spread out in various locations in case the electricity blacks out, etc.. They are obviously connected to back up power inverters in order to maintain and propagate a consistent presence online.

If this works, we're close to finding that answer, we'll wish to free a connection to communicate the errata to the millions creating jobs on the local level that safe guard freedom to say that 2+2=4. CO2 tax propaganda is to say to future generations that it equals 5.

April 1st, 2010, 04:46 PM
If they started limiting bandwith on a grand scale here in the United States, expect lawsuits to happen. Restricting domestic and international commerce (when I last looked) is against the law. Especially in areas where there is only one broadband provider, a single broadband provider could be viewed or re-defined as a monopoly.

You have major players from ITunes to growing video download sites like Netflix. Hollywood and the whole entertainment industry would be among those who will force net neutrality as their bottom line will suffer. Making consumers move from digital downloads and back to CD's is not going to happen.

We keep hearing that once the digital transition goes through (here in the U.S.), some of the airwaves will be freed up for wireless and broadband. Companies that put caps on the internet will be only hurting themselves as consumers will have more choices to choose from in the future.

IF the internet came to a end, let say it does. What would we have? Live Mesh, wireless G, N and whatever new technology on the horizon will see the rise of local neighborhood networks and regional intra and internet. You think powers that be have issues with sharing now, they will be in a tizzy if local and even regional wireless networks proliferate due to the demise of the web.

Few people realize that other modes such as ham radio allow for world wide communications without cable or telephone lines. There was internet of sorts on ham radio before there was even a internet as we know it. It was called "packet radio" and it was connected to local nodes such as local BBS through ham radio over the air.

Before there was the internet, there were phone line BBS, fax and pagers and...snail mail. Some have commented that if the internet went down Linux would suffer. I see there is a fair amount of people on E-Bay selling linux distros for a fair price, often just for a few dollars. IF it came to it, Linux would not really suffer (as some commented in previous threads) since spending $4 on a new Linux distro on E-bay or elsewhere would be in the range of everyone.

I take this article seriously and gratitude and hope based on other areas of research I have done. Lets take HAM radio/Packet radio and correlate with many of Philo Farnsworths US Patents relating to his "Multipacitor Tube" transmission systems- they are lossless transmission waves on the principal of a superconductors meisener field without needing the superconductor! as discovered by Bill Fogal, "Fogal Transistor". Talk about a wireless internet that is now worldwide, this with a Fogal Transistor at both ends of the transmission as phase modulators to tune in to 'infoldment' packets able to carry a DVD quality movie on 5VDC pulses- THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED BY AN ELECTRONICS ENGINEER FOR THE US MILITARY- NO DEBATE PLEASE UNTIL YOU HAVE RESEARCHED IT YOURSELF.

I am a prototyping systems design engineer with associates who specialize in electronic engineering for nasa, grumin and JPL.

Please advise of any financial interest you or someone who you know would have in backing our intent to conduct experimental development of the aforementioned proven data into a composite system.



April 1st, 2010, 05:02 PM
usenet would still work though. :|