View Full Version : [all variants] Block server access from outside my country.

April 1st, 2010, 12:28 PM
I have a couple of small servers and this last week has been like hell to me. 3 of 5 got downed by massive DDoS attacks. Even software measures were useless. As i run in a low budget, i dont have the money to afford hardware solutions.

So, i want to allow only IPs from my country to access my servers, as it is the main focus for me and i think it would largely reduce the possibility of attacks, but im really afraid of getting locked outside of the boxes because i only have remote access to them.

Could you help me or point some directions on how to do that?

Thanks in advance.

April 1st, 2010, 05:13 PM
What type of DDoS attacks? Which services are you running (that are being attacked?)