View Full Version : [ubuntu] Network Password for connect frozen on startup

March 31st, 2010, 09:37 PM
So, my computer was starting up, on startup it asks me to enter my passkey for my wireless connection. I enter it, it says the program wants to know the keyring, I select deny. Viola, I'm connected and everything works fine. Then I download some movie editing software and it gives me the GStreamer-Bad-Plugin which disrupts my software center and songbird. After figuring that out and purging gstreamer, they work again. Then I add emerald and some extra compiz plugins to my machine, this doesn't slow my computer down.

Upon restarting, however, when it asks for my network password, I can't enter it, the damn thing is frozen. If i wait for 15 minutes or so, then the text cursor starts flashing, I can enter my password and connect like normal. Meanwhile, nothing else on my computer is slowed down, just my network connection app on startup, and i have to wait 15 minutes to connect. Does anyone have any idea why it is so slowed down? Anyone have this problem before, or anything similar, help please. BTW, Im running Karmic Koala.