View Full Version : [ubuntu] Internet using multiple USB ADSL modem profiles

March 31st, 2010, 01:16 PM
I try to find a way to set Internet connection on a netbook with an easy way to switch between connection settings. The ADSL modems I'm using (ZTE ZXDSL 831) are identified correctly with pppoeconf and pon/poff dsl-provider work good, but it's not convenient to reconfigure the connection every time I need to use different settings. I've tried rp-pppoe and its GUI (tkpppoe) would've been just perfect, if not for the fact that the connection established this way is slower than the one I get with pon. Connection through tkpppoe makes annoying delays every time I load a new page, but big files download normally.

Is there a way to get tkpppoe work better or is there a different GUI connection manager compatible with USB ADSL modems.