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March 31st, 2010, 05:49 AM
hi all..first of all sorry for my bad english.


i'm on project (school project) which i confused with the basics (concept)..
this project is about to research "how to increase servers performance with linux"...
--> it seems there are many ways to increase performance..

here is the condition, my school has several servers, and hosting for school's main website. the web site mainly used for (almost) everything, start with everyday teaching modules, forum, uploading and downloading exams, assignments, blogs, etc.

in another word, the jobs are heavy and for sometime, when many students access the web to do something (eg, check exams results), the servers hangs and need to reboot.

--> till now, the configuration of the servers are like this :
+ each servers proccess different jobs.
+ a server work as load balancer, manage the request from web users, to the appropriate server.

well in the end.. servers still hangs up. and... i'm working on how to fix it..

i've several question in mind.. perhaps anyone can help, or have some experience that can be shared..

1. i've heard and do some research on ubuntu server support cloud computing, can anyone tell me is this kind of "architecture" can fix this problem ?, alittle bit of explanation will be great...

2. what about LVS ???, (linux virtual server), i see the website (linuxvirtualserver.org) and i've got an insight that maybe this could works..

(some how virtualization confused me alittle, multiple servers virtualize as a single super server, or not ? )

3. i researched MPI, and map-reduced, and even the "distributed memory parallel computing", and i found some tutorial and explanation. but still, i need help with some basics of virtualization, cluster computing, or else..
does anyone know where should i start ???,, where should i begin ???

i prefer using linux, the free one (redhat enterprise need credit), i usually work with ubuntu.. any other suggestion on which distros i should use ??

last words.. any helps are very highly ultra super appriciated !!!!
sorry for the long and boring post, i hope everyone can understand, even with my bad english (help me learn..hehehe).
thx guys.. :popcorn:

April 1st, 2010, 12:23 AM
Virtualization still confuses me, too - but there's a forum (http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=308) for that.
Probably the most useful thing I can contribute - is a BUMP.