View Full Version : comcast digital cable to WinTV-HVR-1600 help!

March 31st, 2010, 01:32 AM
Hello, We just got Comcast digital cable (i live in Golden, CO) and I am trying to get connected to my Mythbox. Feeling a little overwhelmed, and hoping someone can help me. Ideally, I'd like to take bypass the cheapie box that comcast gave me and go directly into the WinTV-1600 and tune Clear-Qam channels.

I have tried this, and when I scan for channels within Mythtv, it comes up with a few ATSC channels, the usual OTA ones, I could get with an antenna. It also comes up with a bunch of other conflicting and non-conflicting channels, but I can't seem to tune them.

I just read this:
which makes me think there is hope, but I am a bit overwhelmed, as I'm a n00b when it comes to downloading and compiling stuff in Linux.

I'm hoping someone has been down this road and can walk me thru. Much thanks!

March 31st, 2010, 02:19 AM
I too would like someone to further discuss the use of scte65scan. I don't have any stb and the directions are a little unclear. They say you need the VCT_ID before you run the scte65scan but there is a special note about running it to find out the VCT_ID. Not sure what problems this will cause when running the scte65scan with the VCT_ID.

I have the basic cable lineup with comcast which is 25 channels. That is about all you get without a stb. Also I had to scan several different...I forget what it is called...cable, cable high, cable low, etc... to get all those channels. If I remember right I had over 300 channels to filter through to find the 25 channels. This is the only bad part about mythtv setup, I spend at least a full day working through the channel setup.