View Full Version : List of pretty sweet touch screen devices I'm looking forward to

March 30th, 2010, 11:21 PM
1. The long awaited Zii egg.
-Creative labs has been working on this way too long and needs to get a consumer edition out. HD screen HD camera 32gb memory (with sdhc card slot) 10pt multitouch and of course X-fi sound technology. THE BEST OF THE BEST!
2. Archos 4.
-.5 inch smaller version of the archos 5 for like half the price. Pretty amazing device can't wait!
3. Sansa Tap
-Don't know if it'll ever actually be built but they were trying to get the name. Don't even know what theyll do with it but knowing sansa itll be good and extremely cheap by comparison.
4. Philips touch screen pmp
-know absolutely nothing about it except it has the name philips and pmp haha
5. Dell mini 5
-Looks great just hope they like halve the price in a week and make in 1/3 in a month
6. Zii Trinity smart phone
-zii egg but a phone with better resolution
7. Someone to buy the Openmoko-Neo Freerunner so I can get their phone service and buy it
-open source touch screen phone in the works:p