View Full Version : [ubuntu] Problem with display

March 30th, 2010, 02:55 AM
I have been using ubuntu for a while now on my desktop and recently on my netbook.

I have an HP Mini netbook running Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

It was working fine until a week ago when i turned it on and the display was malfunctionning(hard to explain):

When you look at the screen, the desktop is displayed in the top left corner. This takes just over half of the screen vertically and half horizontally. Below the "desktop" is a mirror of the desktop. This has the same width but less than half visibly (since it reaches the bottom of the screen). Between and beside(to the right) the mirrors of the desktop there is nothing, just black/blank screen.

I have tried fixing resolution, currently it only supports 800x480 (the drivers should rectify to 1024x800 resolution) .

I have tried fixing this with the nvidia-xconfig and nvidia-settings but this simply turns off the gnome GUI upon restart and leaves my netbook in command line mode.

I have also noticed that the problem occurs BEFORE ubuntu starts. The HP splash screen is also smaller and centered in the top-left of the screen. No visible mirror likely because the logo is not close enough to the top to be visible on the mirror.

Please help anybody. Thanks.